Kyoto's climate gives off a sense of beauty

Kyoto - for the longest time has known as the culture “Kimono”, is a city of where the knowledge importance has been passed down from one to another.  Not just as a mere shape of an outfit, there are those who live with the soul and techniques of kimono.  For instance, to be touched by the change of four season like delicate heart, express the likes of playfulness, joy in a fashionable elastical conceptualization and so forth; there are confronting consciousness to Kyoto’s uniquely completed [Elegant Things].  Artisans work earnestly at their hand work.  Education about traditional culture.  Live by making cloth with elegant movement…

We Tomihiro Senko as hand-drawn Yuzen maker dyed specialist, desire to reach through to modern women with Kyoto’s Unique Culture charm which you can feel off them Kimono.

As dye artisan, takes about 15 steps from draft design to finishing touches of dyeing, It’s the producer’s role to watch over Kyoto hand-drawn Yuzen process.  It’s our job as artisan to guide every process of artisan’s traditional technique to a beautiful completion.  Made by a lot of people, embeded with love in kimono from mother, daught, grand-daughter by the treasure called human emotions.  We inherited such Kyoto treasure, as we learnt from our ancestors, we will also continue that tradition.